Teachers Texting Students…What!?

Teachers Texting Students…What!?

Last week, the school board in my district approved an updated policy for “Employee Useof Social Media/Electronic Messaging.” The several-page-long document described the expected conduct of employees on all forms of social media.town-sign-1148028_960_720

The release of the policy stirred a lot of conversation between staff members. There were questions of concern and comments of frustration:

  • …but I use Twitter to communicate with my students about school!
  • Is what I post on my personal Facebook page going to get me in trouble?
  • Isn’t this taking away my 1st amendment right to free speech?
  • Does this mean I cannot post a picture of myself enjoying a night out with friends?
  • …but I need to be able to text the athletes on my team to give them activity information!

And the repeated joke… “Careful, big brother is watching…”

big brother

Ultimately, though, the purpose of these policies is to protect students AND staff when it comes to communicating information through social media and electronic messaging.


It makes sense to communicate with your students using technology… social media is the center of their universe!
With the release of this policy, I thought it a perfect time to talk about a GREAT TOOL I use CONSTANTLY to communicate with students safely.



 Remind is:

  • FREE!
  • very simple to sign up for and to begin using immediately with students.
  • NOT associated with your personal phone number OR students’ personal phone numbers.
  • a safe way to send a reminder or announcement to an entire class in seconds!
  • easy for anyone! No technology expertise required!
  • Did I mention… FREE!

I love that Remind is an instant, safe, efficient, and FREE way to communicate with students!

Student Sign Up: I have students sign up for the classes or groups that apply to them on Day 1 of the class or practice!

Display the sign-up information on the board, print out handouts, or send out via email.

Assignment Reminders: I send reminders to students about assignments, deadlines, and other announcements. They receive them just like a text message!

You can even schedule messages ahead of time or attach files of information.

Practice/Meeting Announcements: I send reminders to the clubs I sponsor about meeting times, competitions, or schedule changes.


Student Responses: Students can respond with questions or issues. All interaction is saved and documented on your Remind account…

Receive questions back from students.
Message a student individually.

Get the Mobile App: Remind has a mobile app that allows you to send these safe messages from your phone… but it is still not revealing your personal phone number!

iOS and Android apps   Remind

How other teachers are using Remind:

Remind   RemindHQ    TwitterRemind   RemindHQ    Twitter5Remind   RemindHQ    Twitter4Remind   RemindHQ    Twitter3Remind   RemindHQ    Twitter2

Communicating through technology is a part of our current society. Remind is one way to communicate with students in a safe and efficient way! 

Follow @RemindHQ on Twitter for news and updates!

Keep the conversation going…

  • How could you use Remind?
  • What complications do you see with communicating with students via technology?
  • What other tools do you use to safely communicate with your students?

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3 thoughts on “Teachers Texting Students…What!?

  1. This is a fantastic point to make. As ict coordinator at my school I have tried to initiate giving the children a chance to communicate in a number of ways using technology. I even have my 4/5 year olds using their phonic knowledge to write me texts using a similar system to this mentioned and they love it.
    I find the most difficult part of introducing such modern ways of communication, is convincing old school teachers that it is a positive thing!

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think more teachers would be open to integrating this kind of technology if schools provided more training and support. When our district had solid training on technology it was implemented more… it’s easy for us “techy” people to take a risk with technology but for others even the idea of texting feels new age. That is awesome how you incorporate tech communication with such young students! Kudos!


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