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Welcome! My name is Samantha Adams and I am the author of the Learning in Teaching blog. I am a writer, reader, thinker, and teacher… not necessarily in that order. I teach secondary language arts in a large public school district in Iowa. As a graduate of The University of Northern Iowa, I am proud to call the midwest my home! After my recent graduate work through Morningside College, I have discovered that conversations about teaching and learning are my passion.


I am a very passionate person and enjoy conversations with my many friends and family! The Learning in Teaching blog is a place of collaboration for students, educators, and all those passionate about learning. It is a place to start conversations on issues of global education and everyday classroom practices. Readers are encouraged to comment, share, and discuss! Don’t just read it… be a part of the conversation!

Most students and teachers will agree that a life in the education world is a rollercoaster. For me, the last five years of teaching have been a whirlwind. Students have strived and thrived, struggled and overcome. Budget cuts have haunted my dreams. Balancing my teaching and master’s courses have been both challenging and rewarding. My work in teacher leadership in my school and district have stressed and empowered me. As most students and teachers will relate, I’ve felt overwhelmed, underwhelmed and just generally whelmed on a daily basis.

As I learned to balance my role as a teacher leader and the dust begins to settle on the work of my master’s program, I found myself wondering what next? The next is the Learning in Teaching blog… I have found myself so deeply ingrained in education that I love having conversations about it. My friends and family know that when the subject of teaching or learning comes up, I am all ears. My eyes light up with passion on topics as big as funding and small as classroom website design. I always want to know more!

My hope for this blog is to create education and teaching conversations through my ideas, concerns, and questions to an audience of brilliant people and educators that have ideas, concerns and questions of their own. We are all in this together and in a time where collaboration and communication are vital… we must make that happen. The power of collaborative educators is a force to be reckoned with… let the voices be heard!

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P.S. I would love to hear from you! Let’s get the conversation started!